The Restaurant

The new Casa Gennaro restaurant focuses on Italian cuisine and special service. Located next door to Gennaro’s market, the restaurant was formerly a business office and ideally situated for a new restaurant to emerge. Proud legal partners of Casa Gennaro and Gennaro’s Market and are Rae and Jax Butler, respectively, Gennaro’s granddaughter and grandson. Casa Gennaro is a boutique restaurant, and as such, we make you feel like you are dining at home. We offer a variety of personalized menu choices and will also prepare a customized meal to your satisfaction if you prefer something different. In addition, we offer weekly menu specials that never bore you. There is only one thing you need to do while you’re dining at Casa Gennaro and that is to make sure you have a “fun” dining experience. Gennaro Costabile, owner of the new Casa Gennaro restaurant and his staff work hard to ensure that customers have a special dining experience — in all ways. Gennaro has a long history in the restaurant business and a successful story to tell. A native of Italy, he came to the U.S. in 1983, where he first worked at a hotel. As a boy, he also spent eight years in Germany. Returning to Naples, he later received a hotel management/hospitality degree in Sorrento, with the intention of embarking on a career in the hospitality field. In 1992, Gennaro and his family moved to New Jersey after being offered a job as general manager in a restaurant in South Plainfield. Ambitious and enterprising, he looked forward to taking on more responsibility, and in 1995 is when he started his first entrepreneurship with Caffe Piazza, located in Hillsborough, NJ. He had a knack for this business and couldn’t stop at one restaurant – this led to the opening of La Terrazza, a Spanish restaurant in Princeton — this later became Gennaro’s Restaurant in 2003.



Founder & Chef

Gennaro is the owner/operator of Casa Gennaro, Gennaro’s Italian Market & Gennaro’s International Cuisine.  He was born in Naples, Italy and has always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit.  After his time in the Army, he worked as a Concierge in prominent hotels throughout Italy. In 1983, at the age of 23 he came to the USA with little in his pocket but a big dream in his heart. He worked his way up from a bus boy to front of the house management and then finally took a leap and opened his own place in Hillsborough, NJ.  Shortly after he opened a second location and has continued to grow and evolve into what Gennaro’s is today. Gennaro finds passion in giving people an incredible dining experience, making them feel like they are in his home and a part of the family.  Hence, the name of his newest location “Casa Gennaro.” When Gennaro steps away, you can find his Grandson Jax in one arm and his Granddaughter, Rae in the other!


Chef Benjamin Brault, originally from Tampa, Florida, is a 2001 graduate of Johnson & Wales. With a degree in Culinary Arts and a passion for food unattainable by any school, Ben took the leap and relocated to Princeton to work with Gennaro.  Fast forward 15 years and here we are!  Ben’s consistent delivery in elevating classic Italian fare has been a continuous draw. Outside of the kitchen, Ben and his wife, Gina, are busy raising their two children, Paola and Aston. We have big plans to make them our future sous chefs!



The Staff

Many of Casa Gennaro’s staff have been with him for over 10 years and Chef Ben has been with him for 16 years. “I wouldn’t be a success without them, including Chef Benjamin Brault and my assistant, Lorena Bolivar”. Ben is a very talented chef, and does a fabulous job creating his own recipes. Lorena has been with me for 14 years. They are my friends as well as business associates”












In The News

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“Come and experience dining at the new Casa Gennaro and you will leave feeling like you’re part of the restaurant’s family”